Stair Nose Moldings, White Risers and Floorboards

Our crew in Lakeland, FL can replace them all

Before you revamp your staircase, it's important to know about a couple of features. For starters, stair nose molding is the piece that goes on the edge of the stairs to finish off the step. This feature is essential to make your stairs stylish and functional. Additionally, the stair white risers are the vertical pieces that go between each step.

If you're planning to update your staircase, reach out to Slapdown Flooring, LLC in Lakeland, FL. Rely on us to help you spruce up your staircase in no time.

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Beautify your staircase

Why choose us to update your stair white risers, moldings and floorboards? Trust us to:

  • Meet your needs - we'll help you choose stair nose moldings, floorboards and risers that will last for years
  • Match your style - we'll listen to your design ideas and help you pick materials that will complement your space
  • Fit your budget - we'll take your budget into account when we're planning your staircase remodel

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